Cosmeceuticals in Torre del Mar
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Cosmetics meets therapeutic

Cosmeceuticals are products that have cosmetic and therapeutic effects.

It is a combination of the words cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Like cosmetic products they are applied topically but contain active ingredients that have an effect on skin cell function to bring about visible changes to the skin.

They also have the ability to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

Our products are exclusively produced for all about beauty by Christina Gerike by a pharmacist in Spain and a chemist, specialized in cosmeceuticals from Germany.



Common ingredients in our cosmeceuticals all about beauty by Christina Gerike:

  • Antioxidants e.g. Vitamin C, B3, E and Q10.
  • Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular sizes.
  • Hydroxy Acids like AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids also known as fruit acids), BHA’s ( beta Hydroxy Acid also known as salicylic acids).
  • Retinoide like Retinol (Vitamin A).
  • Botanical e.g. green tea extract, frankincense.
  • Peptides and proteins like Matrixyl 3000, Juvinity, Argireline.

Our products are most efficient when used with a Dermaroller.

Homedevice with 0.25mm needlelength for daily use available in the shop.


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